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Because you don't know what Benefits must be on your Benefit Table and what Exclusions & Clauses must NOT be in your Plan Agreement, DO NOT buy or renew your Medical Cover until you've read this FREE Guide.
Everything you need to know about finding, buying and using best-in-class Medical Cover while living and working in Africa and surrounding Islands.
What will you find in this Guide?
  1. The 19 Critical Questions you should ask before Buying or Renewing your Medical Cover.
  2. The Most Important Benefits that should be on your benefit table to ensure you're covered adequately.
  3. How To Save a small fortune on premiums.
  4. The one mistake you should never make when applying for Medical cover.
  5. The various Exclusion Clauses that should never be in your Plan Agreement.
  6. Why you may have to pay your medical bills even if you are covered and how to avoid paying out of pocket.
  7. How NOT to choose a Medical Plan.
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As an independent healthcare consultant with 19 years' experience, I am very passionate about helping you find best-in-class executive medical cover that wont leave you high and dry when you need it the most.

I'm not referring to run-of-the mill type cover. This is the "cream of the crop" type of Medical Cover that is considered "expensive" by most but you get what you pay for because it offers ample protection from otherwise unaffordable medical bills!
Sean Steyn